"Is that really the Sunsmith? To come to me alone like this--does he fancy himself a warrior now? Have his days of cowering beneath the corpses of better men come to an end? If so, I’m disappointed. Bravery doesn’t suit him."
Abbas Saqqaf is the leader and eldest servant of the Sandlords.

Description Edit

Abbas is the oldest Sandlord, but he doesn't look particularly old. His beard is dark with a few faint grey streaks, and he has youthful looking blue eyes that contrast with his weathered face and make him look young.

Personality Edit

Abbas is fairly humble, and does not consider himself to be particularly powerful or important. While he does not enjoy combat he is willing to fight personally if the situation requires it.

He is also an extremely talented engineer and inventor, who Haqq considers to be almost his equal in the creation of both mundane and Integrated technology.

History Edit

Abbas never wanted to fight, or to become the oldest of the Sandlords (and for that matter the Rainlords as well). However, his power was well-suited to work behind the scenes to outfit his allies, which usually kept him out of danger while he created weapons. Over time, his contemporaries died one by one despite his support, leaving him as the oldest servant of all of the Sandlords.

Power and Abilities Edit

Abbas is an extremely talented Integrator who has spent over a century perfecting his craft. He is a brilliant inventor and his immense soul power and ability to create permanently soul-empowered regenerating items has made his age extremely valuable as a tool for creating weapons.

In combat, Abbas has little use for his natural abilities, lacking the specialization that allows Sanko to fight using an Integration power. Instead, he makes use of extremely advanced technology enhanced with Integration to make up for his inability to fight directly with his servant power.

Combat Suit Edit

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One of his most useful weapons is a special suit of powered armor equipped with a number of useful features involving both Integration and technology. They include: thrusters capable of propelling the wearer at supersonic speeds, rockets that can fire at nearly supersonic speed and then regenerate to be fired again, cooling systems that can also be used in a pinch to freeze a captured servant's brain, and a neural interface which can feed data from the suit's sensors directly into the user's brain and respond to mental commands. It can also power itself for a short time by creating antimatter, which was pivotally valuable in the fight against Ivan, who could easily drain energy from anything else.