Alex Belos is a human from Sair.

Description Edit

Alex's appearance has not been described. Emiliana seemed to consider him very handsome, although Chergoa either disagreed or pretended to in order to annoy her.

Personality Edit

Alex is kind and thoughtful, but not particularly brave. He has a crush of Emiliana which she reciprocates.

According to Ramira, his favorite color is green, he has a pet turtle named Frank, walks to school out of dislike of the bus, hates broccoli, and is afraid of dogs and Cisco.

History Edit

Alex had a crush on Emiliana for some time before she became a servant. A short time after her birthday, Alex asked her to talk with him after class because he had a present for her. When she arrived, he revealed that he had wanted to ask for Cisco's blessing of their relationship before asking her out. When pressured by Cisco, he admitted that he had been afraid that without Cisco's permission to date her Cisco would beat him up. Cisco then said that he did not approve but that it was not his decision and that he would not punish Alex. Emiliana chose to accept his offer, pointing out that he was everything she wanted in a boyfriend and that she didn't need him to be brave.

He never saw Emiliana after her mutation ability first manifested, and what his reaction will be when he sees how her appearance has changed is unknown.