Francisco Elroy is a Rainlord of Sair.

Description Edit

Cisco has wavy black hair and steely gray eyes. He has a general unkempt appearance.

Personality Edit

Cisco is very harsh and blunt person much like his mother. He does not take any disrespect from anyone and is very prideful. To him being a rainlord is something that brings honor and obligations. He is willing to live and die by his honor. He has a particular hatred for aberrations, viewing them as people who prey on the weak. To this end he would have eventually joined the aberration hunters sect of the Vanguard.

He respects his reaper Dennex's high opinion of the duty of reaping souls, but seems not to consider it as important relative to protecting the living as Dennex does.

History Edit

Cisco was born an Elroy to Zeff and Mariana. He is the second child after Gema. He became a servant at 14 as is tradition. He planned to transfer out of his parents' division and join the aberration hunters when he became old and powerful enough, but this dream was ruined when he left the Vanguard along with the rest of the Rainlords.

In school, he gained a reputation as a bully after beating up another student who was attempting to bully him. He was unable to escape this reputation, and as a result attracted a lot of people who thought that he was cool for being a bully, whose friendships he always refused. This led to him getting through school with only three friends including Alex Belos. He was never bothered by this as he had little interest in being popular.

He was captured along with all of the other Elroy children during Parson's attack on the Rainlords, although he went down fighting. He pulled a fire alarm to evacuate the school he was attacked at so that his dangerous ability would not harm the normal students, which the Vanguard agents allowed since they didn't want to hurt anyone either.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Cisco is a transfiguration user whose element is fluorine. It is highly potent and reactive and can burn people with acid gas. However it also has high collateral damage and his reaper forbid him from using it near humans. Besides that he is also skilled in guns and hand to hand combat being good enough in the latter to easily defeat two vanguard members in seconds and combating a third who was 4 years his senior before losing.