"Abbas may not look like it, but when it comes to inventing, he is nearly my equal. That over there is a joint project of ours. You should count yourselves lucky if you never learn what it is capable of."
The combat suit was a device created by Abbas Saqqaf and Haqq Najir.

Construction Edit

Physically, the armor is made of metal with a variety of mechanical and electronic components. Many parts of it would be to fragile to use in combat were the suit made of purely natural materials.

Augmentations Edit

Every component of the suit is made from regenerating material. This means that in about one minute any part of it can regrow from scratch if destroyed or detached. It is also permanently soul-empowered, allowing it to survive much more powerful attacks than it could otherwise.

Features Edit

The suit has a number of very useful features.

  • Neural interface- The suit can coordinate with an on board computer drilled between the user's cerebral cortex and thalamus.
  • Ocular Replacements- The suit has lenses that can allow the user to see far way distances in great details.
  • Jets- The suit has six jets on his back, calves, and upper arms powered by a fusion propulsion system. Their thrust-to-weight ratio is unmatched. They allow a person to fly beyond the speed of sound. Their most impressive ability however is their ability to produce anti-matter. However the jets cannot handle the force of creating them and will break down. They regenerate but the process is slowed down by the anti-particles.
  • Cruise Missile- The chest piece of the suit can reform in to a cruise missile.
  • Sensor arrays- The sensors can give many different kinds of information such as how to avoid damage and keep track of the suit's condition.
  • Drones- The suit has two shoulder mounted drones that carry sub machine guns inside. They are very fast but cannot break the speed of sound unless traveling behind the user's slipstream.
  • Automated impact mitigation system- The suit can calculate the path that will cause the least damage and correct the user's movements to minimize the amount of damage.

Deployment History Edit

The suit has only ever been used once, by Abbas when he can to Dunehall to fight against Ivan. He was able to win due to Ivan's lack of familiarity with the workings of the suit, which rendered him unable to defend against its antimatter capabilities effectively. Abbas landed a dazing strike with a rocket, and then removed Ivan's head and stripped the muscle from it, rendering Ivan unable to use his power. The then froze it with the help of Hector by venting one of the suit's cooling systems, which he decided would be useless due to Ivan draining the device's energy reserves such that it couldn't fly anyway.