Conall was a member of Morgunov Abolish and the Atreya task force.

Description Edit

Conall was the tallest and most physically imposing member of the task force.

Personality Edit

Little was revealed about Conall's personality, as he only ever appeared during combat. However, he seemed to fit in well with the other members of the task force and was viewed by Prince David as an informational dead end like most of the other members of the group.

History Edit

Conall was sent to Atreya with all of the members of his task force except Desmond and Moss (who were already there and had called for reinforcements. He was assigned to keep the media in Atreya under control with Tessa, which they did well for the most part. He and most of his allies were killed by Harper at the Battle of Rathmore's Gate.

Power Edit

Conall's power of aluminum materialization formed something of a foil to that of Harper, much like Hector's power served against Karkash. He could use reflective barriers to protect his allies from Harper's lasers, preventing Harper from easily wiping out his allies. He could also use his power for mobility and offense like any other materialization user. However, because he only created rounded walls rather than full domes to protect himself and his allies, Harper was able to climb over them using Pan-Rozum and kill both him and his reaper.