"That’s D-I-C, Deep Infiltration and Cover. That’s our sect. Everyone just calls us dicks, though."
The Deep Infiltration and Cover sect, also known as DIC of simply the Dicks, is a sect of Morgunov Abolish that infiltrate enemy strongholds to spy, sabotage or simply attack from the inside.

Members Edit

Name: Status:
Caster Alive
Arnold Unknown
Reever Unknown

Tactics Edit

Since Reapers can detect the souls of humans, servants and other reapers at a reasonable distance, conventional stealth alone is not enough to allow them to move undetected. Instead, DIC relies mainly on aberrations with the power of Invisibility to hide from sentries. However, they seem to be lacking in conventional stealth skills and are generally quite unprofessional, making them merely difficult to find rather than impossible.

Feeding Aberrations Edit

In order to grow stronger, aberrations need to kill large numbers of people and consume their souls. Due to the immense value of Invisibility, this left DIC with the task of killing a lot of humans and feeding their souls to their aberrations so that they could gain more power and conceal more people. This was mainly done by travelling the countryside killing humans under cover of invisibility, which mostly worked well but led to problems when Garovel and Hector investigated an Aura of Doom on a family of would-be victims and were noticed by the subtle traces of their presence.