"Would you like to see a magic trick, young man? Bring me ten rabbits, ten hats and one machete!"
―Damian Rofal
Damian Rofal is a powerful and enigmatic servant of unknown loyalties.

Description Edit

Damian looks old and shriveled, but has a lively demeanor and bright eyes.

Personality Edit

Damian is capricious, cheerful and psychopathic. He seems to be quite entertained by just about anything, although he can become very serious if he recognizes threats to his plans or his cover.

Damian also suffers from a mental disorder. He will occasionally begin to speak nonsense, which will continue for several minutes before he will revert to his natural behavior. Under most circumstances he will act so odd and so silly that it can be hard to be certain whether he is lucid or not.

His reaper Feromas seems to be the more levelheaded of the two. He acts as though he considers dealing with Damian's irritating behavior as the price to pay for keeping such a powerful servant. He mentions being irritated at Damian's uncaring attitude and specifically his turning Geoffrey into an aberration without mentioning it to Feromas, but notes also that Damian at least tends to stay lucid when he needs to be.

History Edit

Little is known about Damian's past besides that he is 178 years old with 171 years spent as a servant and that Abolish believes him to be dead. When Moss and Osmere recognized him he killed them, although he apologized to Geoffrey for doing so and for making it necessary by forgetting to tell him not to show him to anyone from Abolish.

He showed up with Feromas to talk to Geoffrey and help him run the family business. After Geoffrey died, he hunted down his final body and took it from the morgue to create a bone item from. He was later seen grabbing Dunstan Rofal in an attack on Sanko and taking him with him. He was riding on a giant worm most likely controlled by Geoffrey's Domination power.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Damian's power has not been revealed. The only times that he has used it were to make Geoffrey momentarily unable to move for his own amusement and destroying Moss and Ozmere with a gesture. He later said that Moss had been reduced to "little more than dust" while Ozmere was completely destroyed.