"I believe David has a kind heart, but he hides it well. And that is precisely the problem. He is a very secretive man."
Helen Belgrant
David Lumenbel is one of Queen Helen's brothers, and served as a valuable source of information during Abolish's occupation of Sescoria.

Description Edit

Prince David is extremely fat.

Personality Edit

David is kind and honorable as well as extremely intelligent. He is a good actor and was able to convince both Prince Luther and Nola Pauls that they could trust him with their secrets, as well as keeping the immediately offered trust of the rest of his brothers. Despite being disgusted with their actions, David would always try to joke around with the members of the Atreya task force he dealt with to convince them that he fit in.

History Edit

David was not informed about the plan to assassinate Helen. Afterward he did his best to help her find out the truth until Abolish took control of the capitol. At that point, he tried to steer his brothers away from doing anything too destructive while at the same time finding out as much as possible about Abolish.

When he heard about the Darksteel Soldier's battle with Karkash and prevention of the Destruction of Harold by his announcement, he decided to take his mother, Vanessa Goffe, into protective custody so that she could not be used as leverage to stop the Darksteel Soldier if he continued to fight Abolish. While this plan was foiled by Hector, his agent allowed Hector to get into contact with the Prince and ultimately begin using him as a source of information taken directly from Nola. This in turn helped Hector and his allies to plan out the Battle of Rathmore's Gate and prevent war with Rendon.