Desmond Grantier is an Abolish servant and a recurring enemy of Hector.

Description Edit

Desmond is young-looking and stocky, and has bright red hair.

Personality Edit

Desmond is cheerfully violent and has no regard for human life whatsoever. He is in many ways very typical of his faction, and gets along with other murderous psychopaths, especially Geoffrey.

History Edit

After Queen Helen's death and return, Abolish believed that Vanguard was making a play to take control of Atreya, and Desmond and Moss were sent to intimidate or kill Helen and urge for more warlike policy. Hector, Roman, and Lynnette were able to get Queen Helen to safety and eventually help her drive out Abolish and retake control.

Power and Abilities Edit

When sodium mixes with water, it undergoes a chemical reaction that produces hydrogen gas, which can then ignite with the force of a fuel-air explosive. When Desmond uses his power, he causes this reaction to slow down, then removes the partially transfigured body part and throws it like a grenade, soul-empowering the explosion to make it much more destructive.

If he removes his heart, he can apparently use it to create an explosion far more powerful than any other body part would allow. This allows him to create an explosion strong enough to kill even a reaper who has fled underground, but the one time he has tried to use it he was foiled by Hector coating his throwing arm in iron to trap it next to him.