"Dimas just doesn’t know anything about comedy. He and I have been together for more than twenty years, and I’ve only heard him laugh four times. Four! Can you believe that?!"
Dimas is a Rainlord.

Description Edit

Dimas is a tall and statuesque man.

Personality Edit

Dimas is a serious and stoic man. He is very dutiful and is not given to smiling often. He can also be very stubborn refusing to take medicine for his insomnia because it tastes weird. Despite his unbending nature Dimas is very caring underneath. He has a special soft spot for Marcos.

History Edit

Dimas is rather famous among the Rainlords. He once faced 30 abolish servants who were attacking a village and won. He has also faced two aberrations in the past.

Dimas was charged with protecting the Elroy Children at Red Lake Castle when Melchor Blackburn attacked. He tried to fight him off with Diego Redwater and Joana Cortes but failed and had to kill himself so as to be revived by reaper somewhere else.

When the Siege of Marshrock began, Dimas was tasked with harassing the enemy while a Soul Net was constructed under the castle. Lord Abel noted that while Dimas was his son, he had already grown to be a more powerful warrior than Abel was.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Dimas is a very powerful person. He is considered the tenth strongest living Rainlord. Dimas can use his ability in many different ways. The most common way is the use of gravity bullets, invisible pockets of super-intense gravity powerful enough to tear steel. Dimas can also create gravity bombs which release gravity in an omnidirectional attack. The blast is capable extending up to a kilometer and Dimas has used it to clear all the clouds in the area.

Dimas can increase gravity, slowing someone down or change the direction of gravity to confuse his enemies. He can also control gravity around himself to fly. He is even capable of breaking the sound barrier while flying and he is stated to have very good control. Dimas's gravity attacks are strong enough to break through soul-empowered stone.