Dozer abolish is one of the two unofficial subfactions of Abolish. Most members of it believe much more strongly in the ideas of the Abolish faith than the Morgunov faction.

Dozer Edit

Dozer is the leader and namesake of the Dozer faction. He is extremely powerful and dedicated to the service of the void, and Abolish religious doctrine holds that he is the living embodiment of the Void's will, at least according to Hoyohte. The faith of his subordinates is near unshakable, despite the fact that he is less powerful than Sermung.

Members Edit

Name: Status:
Dozer Alive
Gohvis Alive
Gunther Deceased
Dunhouzer Deceased
Suresh Deceased
Germal Alive
Koh Alive
Karkash Alive
Stoker Deceased
Loren Alive
Mira Alive

Relationship with Morgunov Abolish Edit

The two factions of Abolish, despite their claim of sharing a faith, view each other with a sense of contempt. Despite this, each knows that it would not be able to stand up to the Vanguard on its own and relies on the other for support. The Morgunov faction generally view the Dozer faction as boring, while the Dozer faction view the Morgunovs as undisciplined and unreliable.