The Elroy Massacre was an attack on House Elroy, performed by troops of Abolish but secretly orchestrated by Field Marshal Artemis and Captain General Parson.

Motivation Edit

Artemis' reason for orchestrating the attack was the discovery that Gohvis was originally a member of House Elroy before he left to join Dozer. Artemis was greatly concerned that there might be more traitors in the family, so he planned for it to be wiped out.

Manipulation of House Blackburn Edit

One of the largest problems with an attempt to attack the Elroys was that it had to be untraceable, which ruled out personally attacking. It was decided that Abolish would work as both stooges and scapegoats, since certain of their number were fairly controllable and everyone involved already had a strong dislike of Abolish to the point that they would believe that they had acted on their own to attack.

However, that still left the problem that Sair's borders were too closely guarded for Abolishers to sneak in in any great number. To this end, Parson arranged for a soul transfusion to be performed on Nere Blackburn, the wife of House Blackburn's leader Ismael. The process made Nere unable to have children until a fetus was conceived with two copies of the Reaper Gene, resulting in an aberration called Ibai.

When they saw his abnormalities, the Blackburns asked Parson for advice. He told them to kill Ibai, then when they refused he told them to keep his existence a secret. They did, which later allowed him the leverage to blackmail them into relaxing their border patrols for a day, during which Abolish forces entered Sair and attacked House Blackburn.

Failure Edit

The attack nearly succeeded in its goal of completely wiping out House Elroy. However, Zeff, Axiolis and Joana all survived, and were able to identify the Abolishers involved.

Gohvis' Retaliation Edit

When Field Marshal Artemis heard that members of House Elroy had survived, he became concerned that they would find the perpetrators and trace their orders back to him. In order to cover his tracks, Artemis quickly followed the Abolishers to their stronghold intending to kill them. However, when he arrived he found that Gohvis had already hunted them down and killed them, and was in the process of mounting their heads on spikes around the fortress when Artemis arrived.

Artemis ran when Gohvis noticed him, but Gohvis had already identified him and suspected his involvement. Over the next three years, Gohvis painstakingly tracked him down and killed him. Fortunately for Parson Miles, he had only ever used Artemis' name in his dealing with Abolish and was never seen personally, allowing him to evade the Monster's notice.