"I’m saying we did our best. And we don’t respond to failure with depression. We respond by becoming better. Until our best is good enough."
Garovel is the reaper of Hector Goffe.

Personality Edit

Garovel is sarcastic and obnoxious, but not truly malicious. While he does at times annoy Hector with his unserious attitude and friendly mockery, he will back off or even apologize if he seems to have seriously hurt Hector's feelings. He is able to be serious if he needs to explain things quickly. He took on both Hector and his past servants in order to help people, but had to watch Hector before choosing him out of fear of betrayal.

He describes himself as sharing Hector's low value placed on his own life. While he never shared Hector's outright death wish, he has lived for long enough that he says he won't complain when the end comes for him.

Garovel also loves to explain things, from political history to the exact nature of servants and servant powers. He greatly enjoys having Hector as a servant in part because Hector's ignorance of history, current events and the nature of servants allows a lot of opportunities to tell him about these subjects.

History Edit

Garovel was a member of the Vanguard for at least sixty years before he left. A previous servant of his became malicious and self-centered, stealing from innocents with the justification that he would put the money to good use, which he didn't. When confronted, his servant betrayed him and imprisoned him in a soul-empowered cage to avoid being released. Garovel managed to kill him by convincing him that there was gold to loot if he destroyed an Abolish stronghold, but not telling him that there were servants strong enough to defeat him there. After this Garovel became embittered and had a falling out with his sister Chergoa and split with her without making plans.

Later on in life in the modern times Garovel came to Brighton to investigate an unusual aura and came upon Hector who had the aura of doom on him. Part of his reason for taking Hector as a servant was that he had an aura of doom for long enough that Garovel was able to observe him and determine that he was not evil.