"It's Abolish. Odds are about fifty-fifty that any given member is one of the stupidest motherfuckers on the planet."
Hanjir was a servant in the force holding Sescoria. He was killed by Roman.

Description Edit

Hanjir is a burly man with wild hair.

Personality Edit

Hanjir is egotistical, immature, prone to anger and not very bright. He is easily offended by more or less anything, especially questions to his competence and direct insults.

He is described by David as having intense mood swings, little impulse control and a tendency to lie for no reason.

His reaper is the only to appear thus far that seemed to be actively stupid, easily rising to Voreese's taunts and giving up his only leverage and protection to allow Hanjir to fight Roman on the ground.

History Edit

Hanjir was one of the servants sent by Abolish to take control of Atreya and incite war. He was flying a plane full of hostages. Voreese convinced him to land it and have a fair fight, removing the only challenge to killing him. Roman then used his power to destroy Hanjir and chased down his reaper to kill him.