Harper is a member of the Vanguard.

Description Edit

Harper has a darker complexion than most Intarians, a round face and a broad nose. He generally leaves his black hair messy, and is described as looking more like an itinerant worker than a warrior.

Personality Edit

Harper is generally calm and confident, and enjoys meeting new people and the general freedom that his unique status offers him. He is generally jovial, and like many servants he is fond of trading banter and friendly insults with his reaper. He is officially considered a Lieutenant General, but in practice he has a special status that allows him to operate mostly independently in exchange for not having any true authority.

History Edit

Little is known about Harper's history, besides that he was with the Vanguard since before Mehlsanz and Garovel left, and that he has raised several adopted children but has no blood descendants.

When his and Mehlsanz's shared friend Valess heard about the danger that Mehlsanz and Helen were in, he asked that Harper protect them. He officially justified this in the name of preventing other servants from killing Mehlsanz and getting the Vanguard blamed for regicide.

Power Edit

Harper's ability of light Alteration allows him to attack at range and also to disorient his foes. When in Pan-Rozum, he also has the ability to move at the speed of light, making him almost impossible to escape or attack. However, he has very little control when in Pan-Rozum, only enough to designate people who he will identify by soul and kill last. This makes Pan-Rozum very dangerous for both him and his allies.