"You are mistaken if you think Atreya is meant to protect me. I am meant to protect it."
Helen Belgrant is the queen of Atreya.

Appearance Edit

Helen's physical appearance has not been described, although she is recognizable to most of the Atreyan populace.

Personality Edit

Helen is stubborn, strong-willed and noble. She puts the well-being of the people of Atreya before all else, including her own survival. She is also highly intelligent and perceptive. Her personality and opinions often anger or even alienate he brothers and lesser government officials.

Helen is also a schemer. She is very concerned with the state of her country and is constantly working to make it better. She is not above manipulating people to reach her goals and is extremely crafty.

History Edit

The previous king of Atreya was expected to name one of her brothers, Prince Gabriel, as his successor. However, at the last minute he declared Helen the future queen before passing away. This greatly angered many of her siblings and other government officials, who has gone to great lengths to earn the favor of prince Gabriel and now found that effort to be wasted and Queen Helen to be much harder to influence.

This tension led to a plan to assassinate her, orchestrated by Prince Luther and carried out by Prince Nathaniel. Many of Helen's key allies were suborned or were crooked from the start, making her unable to escape death despite figuring out what was going on. After her death, Mehlsanz offered to make Helen her servant, which allowed Helen the chance to root out the corruption among her government and remain queen while also allowing Mehlsanz the opportunity to hide behind her status as protection from the Vanguard.

When Hector and Garovel heard about the assassination attempt, Garovel was able to figure out that it had succeeded and convinced Hector to travel to the capitol and meet her in case she needed help with anyone who wanted to threaten her. It turned out to be fortunate that he did, as a group of Morgunov Abolish servants had just shown up to threaten her into starting a war. With the help of Lynnette, Hector, and Roman, who also showed up at the same time for similar reasons, she was able to escape and later retake the capitol.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Helen has the power of calcium transfiguration, although at the present time it is fairly weak. The only ability she has shown in use of her power is to armor herself in calcium carbonate.

Helen also excels at politics. She has a gift for pulling on the right strings to make a plan come together and she is very subtle in her manipulations.