Horatio Blackburn is a member of House Blackburn.

Description Edit

Horatio is described as having a flat face and a pug nose.

Personality Edit

Horatio is a generally easy going and friendly man. He is very nonchalant possessing a smile on his face even when being attacked. Ismael considers him to be a man with strange but admirable intelligence and fortitude. He considers him worthy enough to appoint him as his heir in case things go wrong.

History Edit

During the Siege Of Rheinhal Horatio combated Dimas Sebolt when he came to harass the Blackburns from above. Horatio could not kill Dimas but Dimas eventually retreated anyway. They would meet again near the end where Horatio helped his brethren fight against a strike team infiltrating Marshrock. When a cease fire was called Horatio accompanied his Ismael in peace negotiations. He was assigned to guard Ibai along with Silvia as they made their way to Dunehall. In Dunehall Horatio participated in the Attack On Dunehall fighting off a high level servant with the help of Salvador, Joana, and Diego.

Powers Edit

Horatio is a powerful materialization user. His element is unknown but it allows him to create explosions strong enough to match Dimas' gravity waves. He is also capable of Pan-Forma.