House Blackburn is one of the ten Rainlord houses.

Members Edit

Name: Status:
Ismael Deceased
Nere Alive
Melchor Alive
Ibai Captured
Fidel Alive
Silvia Alive
Pilar Alive
Tomas Alive
Horatio Alive
Sabas Alive
Rafael Alive

Losses Edit

Before the birth of Ibai, a number of important members of the family were lost in a number of battles with the forces of Abolish. This forced the remaining members to become closer, and made Ismael Blackburn more desperate for an heir. This made it somewhat easier for Parson to manipulate them.

Ibai Edit

For a long time following Ismael's marriage to Nere, Nere remained inexplicably infertile. However, they eventually had a child named Ibai. They were alarmed when they discovered that he had a shadow, and became more so when Parson explained to them that he was an Aberration. However, they decided that they would raise and love him just as if he was a normal human and try to teach him honor and restraint, which was mostly successful.

Ibai himself caused very little trouble, but his existence allowed Parson leverage to blackmail the family on two later occasions.

Border Patrols Edit

One of the duties of the Blackburn family was to guard a section of the border of Sair. When he was orchestrating the Elroy Massacre, Parson used the threat of revealing Ibai's existence to force House Blackburn to relax their patrols for a single day, during which Abolish troops attacked. Though they could have revealed Parson's responsibility, they knew that they would be forced to admit to their deception and surrender Ibai, who they expected would be executed, if they did so.

Support for Parson Edit

When Parson launched his attack on the Rainlords, he once again used their secret to force them to aid him. Several the the kidnappings of Rainlord children were carried out by Melchor with the support of House Blackburn. The Rainlords retaliated with a strike against Marshrock, the Blackburn castle. No servants were killed, and the fighting ended when Ibai appeared and Emiliana vouched for him, convincing the others to accept a surrender and offer to spare him.