Hyperstates are special abilities used by servants to gain access to new abilities or improve their existing ones. There are four hyperstates, Pan-Rozum, Pan-Forma, Pan-Wzrost, and Pan-Moc.

Entering a hyperstate Edit

In order for a servant to enter a hyperstate, their reaper must enter their body and temporarily fuse with their soul. The servant and reaper's minds will become deeply connected and the servant will gain new powers until the reaper either leaves the servants body voluntarily or another servant extracts the reaper from their body with a soul-strengthened attack.

Strain and Loss of Control Edit

Using a hyperstate places great strain on both the reaper and servant's souls. The more powerful the hyperstate and the weaker the soul synchronization between the reaper and servant, the more quickly the hyperstate will weaken. After a short amount of time, the reaper will begin to weaken, and will continue to do so until they die or the hyperstate is terminated. Eventually, the reaper and servant will begin to have more difficulty communicating or focusing, making it more likely that they will overtax themselves without noticing. Finally, they will become increasingly bloodthirsty and murderous and their rational minds degrade, until they cannot tell friend from foe and blindly attack anything and anyone until their hyperstate is terminated by death, removal of the reaper or deliberate separation.

Even if the hyperstate is terminated before serious problems begin to occur, the servant and reaper will still find themselves drained and in need of rest before being ready to fight again, although this becomes less of a problem as the servant ages and develops stronger soul synchronization.

Hyperstates and Powers Edit

Each Hyperstate corresponds to a different set of Servant powers and grants different advantages. Pan-Rozum is available to any servant old enough to use it and grants greater scope and versatility to a user. Pan-Forma is available only to Materialization and Transfiguration and grants a servant greater durability and regeneration along with connection to their creations. Pan-Moc is available to Destruction and Alteration users and grants greater power. Pan-Wzrost is available to Integration and Mutation users and grants the ability to add to their repertoire of materials.