Ibai Blackburn is an aberration, and the scion of the Blackburn family of Rainlords. His parents are Nere and Ismael Blackburn.

Description Edit

Ibai is physically in his thirties, but is described as having a personality so cheerful and inquisitive that even people talking to him in person often find it hard to remember his age and think he is much younger.

Personality Edit

Like all aberrations, Ibai is generally cheerful, curious and energetic. Unlike most, he has a strong sense of honor, is unwilling to kill innocents and has a great respect for life as he only grew his powers through the consumption of animal souls using every part of the animal to reduce and tried to make himself see it as hunting.

History Edit

Ibai was implied to have been created by Parson in order to blackmail the Blackburn family into helping him when he attacked the other Rainlord houses. For a long time before his conception, his mother was inexplicably infertile. During his childhood, his parents were surprised at his precocious understanding of and curiosity towards morbid subjects like death. After failing to curb his behavior with corporal punishment, they began punishing him with prolonged isolation and boredom. This may have given him a better understanding of suffering, and combined with teachings about honor and the value of life, it seems to have made him unwilling to kill in the wanton fashion of most aberrations.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Ibai has the rare aberration power of teleportation. Not only does this power allow him to teleport himself and anything small enough to be encompassed by his shadow, it also allows him to see the souls of anyone in the place he is teleporting to, which prevents him from accidentally running into people on the other end when he teleports. This power is extremely useful to him because it does not require a lot of power to use to great effect, allowing him to meaningfully contribute to fights far above his level without consuming human or reaper souls to grow stronger.

Like all abberations he has a shadow which protects his body from harm but it is a very weak shadow for an aberration his age because it only grew by consuming the souls of animals which he hunted but the souls of animals are less potent than those of humans or reapers. It is unknown how much control he has over his shadow as he has never used it in direct combat before.