The Independents are a servant faction led by Sai-hee.

Beliefs and Agenda Edit

The Independents believe that the most important goal is to attend the suffering of the dead by reaping their souls. While many of their member reapers take on Servants, they do this to protect themselves and servantless reapers, not to affect any kind of change in world politics. They also keep the peace in those areas that they control.

Members Edit

Name: Status:
Sai-hee Alive
Morrison Deceased
Leo Alive
Amaris Alive

Old Law Edit

The Old Law is enforced by the the Independents and ultimately represents everything they believe in. The old law dictates that reapers without servants be treated as outside of the conflicts of servants and may not be harmed. This ensures that reapers who simply observe the world and reap souls without involving themselves in the conflicts of humans or servants are safe to continue reaping souls without fear, even if they do so in areas that are controlled by belligerent forces.

Their attitude as to whether Aberrations constitute a violation of the Old Law has not yet been revealed. Many servants and reapers in the Vanguard and many unaligned reapers seem to consider it that way due to aberrations' tendency to kill for the fun of it and not make any distinction for reapers.

Relationship with Abolish and Vanguard Edit

The Independents are not as powerful or as numerous as any of the other three Emperors' factions. However, they are powerful enough that breaking their neutrality would almost certainly tip the balance in favor of whichever faction they took the side of. For this reason, all factions are to a certain degree beholden to her, and are willing to accept her demands so long as they do not go against fundamental doctrine. As both sides lack a strong reason to kill harmless unaligned reapers, they are generally willing to follow the Old Law, making violations more a matter of discipline failure than orders.