"Hector recognized the mad expression on the Salesman’s face. Perhaps it was some kind of prerequisite for becoming one of Morgunov’s followers."
Ivan is a powerful servant, considered to be right-hand man to Morgunov.

Description Edit

Ivan's actual appearance has not been described, likely because it is overshadowed by his remarkable outfit. He wears a suit and hat and carries a suitcase, all of dazzlingly bright yellow. The only parts of his outfit that are not yellow are the band on his hat, his tie, and his shoes, all of which are jet black.

Personality Edit

Ivan seems most of the time like a typical member of Morgunov Abolish, cheerfully murdering innocents and enjoying and danger rather than fearing it. However, if things are not going his way the facade will sometimes weaken and a less happy personality will show through.

History Edit

Little is know about Ivan's past beyond that he lived long enough to rise through the ranks of Morgunov Abolish to his current position. and that he died by starvation. Ivan was also involved in the Battle of Lac'Vayce.

Ivan showed up to take part in the Attack on Dunehall after Gohvis arrived and drove off Caster and his subordinates. He demanded and explanation from Gohvis, but then allowed him to leave after Gohvis explained that he only wanted Emiliana and would not stop Ivan from killing the others. Hector then delayed Ivan by telling him first that he was an extremely powerful servant but would refuse to fight Ivan if unless the Rainlords were spared, and then that he could help Ivan to attack the Sandlords since the DIC would not be able to infiltrate an area so densely populated. Ivan gave Hector one year so long as he called every week to report on his progress and then chat but threatened to kill everyone Hector loved by starvation if he betrayed him, and was just about to leave when he was attacked and defeated by Abbas Saqqaf, who then removed and froze his head.

Power Edit

Ivan's power is control over the weak interaction allows him to do a number of different things. He is able to create bluish forcefields and lasers, block regeneration and drain most forms of energy from a target. He was unable to defeat Abbas only because he was not prepared to neutralize antimatter, although according to Abbas he could have it he had known what he was up against.

When he uses his power to drain energy, it will leave a servant feeling extremely weak and woozy for several days.