"The Radiant Sentinel! The Star of the West! He’s done it again! And this time, he probably saved millions of lives!"
Jackson is a Field Marshal of the Vanguard and Sermung's right-hand Servant.

Description Edit

Jackson is quite short, but has a face that "could have been chiseled from bronze, dark complexion and all", and his eyes are brilliant blue.

He generally wears an overcoat in a swirling crimson and white pattern. It is intended to be fireproof, but when Parson came to see him following his victory in Jesbol, he had somehow managed to burn part of it anyway.

Personality Edit

Jackson is described by Parson as intelligent, noble, courageous and idealistic to the point of naivete. He is not afraid to speak his mind even if it offends other high-ranking Vanguardians.

He dislikes Parson, who he believes is incompetent and self-aggrandizing. He also likes paperwork, and always insists that it be neatly handwritten. He seems to slightly enjoy inflicting extra paperwork on Parson, who hates it. In response to a comment that irritated him he also once set Parson on fire, claiming it to be an accident.

Jackson is married to Field Marshal Sanko.

History Edit

Jackson has been one of the Vanguard's strongest servants for some time, and seems to be considered a foil to Gohvis, hence their matching but opposite nicknames. He recently won a major battle in Horsht, defeating both Gunther and Dunhouser in combat.

Power Edit

Jackson's exact power has not been revealed, but it causes things to burst into flame and has been described as being able to perfectly counter Parson's oxygen transfiguration. Following his most recent battle, he seems to have developed some trouble with controlling his power, after achieving Emergence. When Parson came to report to him on his actions in Sair he found that Jackson had extensively damaged the building, burned his supposedly fireproof overcoat and incinerated Field Marshal Kane. Fortunately, Kane's reaper was unharmed.