Joana Cortes formerly Joana Elroy is the sister of Zeff Elroy.

Description Edit

Joana has no known description

Personality Edit

Joana is very cheerful and friendly especially compared to her brother.

History Edit

Joana and her brother were the only survivors of the Elroy Massacre. Not a servant at the time she was carried by her brother to take refuge under Octavia Redwater. After some time she and her brother had a falling out with the Octavia due to wanting to join the Vanguard.

Joana later married a commoner and changed her last name, starting a new Rainlord family. Although Zeff was displeased Joana said she still intended to carry on their bloodline with her own children which she later did by giving birth to Selena Cortes.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Joana is a materialization user whose element is chromium. Although she has only been seen in one fight she has shown herself to be a very competent combatant. She is considered the fourteenth strongest Rainlord. She was able to help combat Melchor Blackburn with Diego Redwater and Dimas Sebolt.