Karkash is a loyal servant of Dozer Abolish.

Description Edit

Karkash has a bronze complexion and a thin beard. He also has an extremely penetrating stare.

Personality Edit

Though he is fanatically and almost mindlessly loyal to Dozer, Karkash is anything but stupid. He keeps a close eye on those around him, and was perceptive enough to notice when Stoker went rogue long before anyone else did.

He is frustrated by the unprofessionalism and occasional incompetence of the Morgunov Faction and seemed to somewhat resent being forced to work with them in Atreya. However, he always bore the indignity stoically due to his belief that Dozer is infallible and that his underlings would never ask him to do something without good reason.

History Edit

Karkash and Stoker were sent to work with Desmond's occupying force in Atreya, supposedly as a goodwill gesture but likely to keep tabs on them or claim some of the credit for their accomplishments. When he realized that Stoker had decided to defect, he claimed that he would go out to kill the Darksteel Soldier, which was actually a ruse to catch Stoker fleeing the country and kill him. Hector actually arrived during the battle and tried to save Stoker when he saw Karkash attacking innocents, but he was unable to prevent Karkash from killing Nize. Karkash then left Hector and Colt, who had arrived to help but not directly fought, to deal with Stoker's zombie.

Karkash later returned during the Battle of Rathmore's Gate, where he helped to counter both Hector's and Roman's powers but fled after Harper used Pan-Rozum to turn the tide. He and Desmond were the only Abolish survivors from the battle.

Power Edit

Karkash's electromagnetic powers have a number of different uses. He can use them to manipulate most metals including Hector's iron. He can also use his power to shoot lightning, which he has enough control over to cut precisely but which Hector is still able to redirect using lightning rods. Because of these two weaknesses, Hector and Karkash seem to serve as foils of a sort for each other, each mostly neutralizing the other's power. However, Karkash is currently both more powerful and more versatile, and he has a degree of mobility granted by wearing magnetic metals with his clothing that Hector cannot currently match.