"A General of the Vanguard in Sair. Elderly in appearance, he has worked in the Vanguard for over seventy years. His reaper is Dergoz. He does not seem to agree with his reaper's decisions. Nicknamed "the Blue Bear"."
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Lawrence is a Vanguard general and member of the Traitor Vanguard.

Description Edit

Physically, Lawrence has the appearance of an elderly man, likely almost as old as he really is.

Personality Edit

Lawrence is competent, stern and no-nonsense. Before he was forced to turn against him, Zeff respected him considerably as a commander. Octavia had noted him to be a real gentleman seemingly respecting him.

However, he also has an intense fear of death, which has allowed Durgoz to force him to serve his agenda despite his personal disapproval of the Traitor Vanguard. However, he still acts as disobedient as he feels he can get away with without being released, such as when he deliberately held back to allow Axiolis to escape capture.

History Edit

Lawrence was Zeff and Mariana's commanding officer before the Rainlords deserted from the Vanguard. At some point he became involved with the Traitor Vanguard, which he did not wish to join but Durgoz did.

At the start of Parson's attack on the Rainlords, he called Zeff to his office and demanded that they provide information that they did not have regarding the whereabouts of his daughter Gema, saying that he was certain that they had some information and that they must be withholding it. This was a ruse, as Lawrence actually knew that Zeff was ignorant and may have known that Gema was working with Parson. He then attempted to take Zeff prisoner, and succeeded in capturing Zeff's head but allowed Axiolis to escape and warn the other Rainlords of his betrayal.

He then sent agents to capture Mariana and Zeff's children. Cisco and Emiliana were captured successfully, but the attempt to capture Mariana, Marcos and Ramira went awry, leading to the capture of the servants sent to collect them and the death of Marcos, forcing Shenado to release Mariana at her own request in order to resurrect Marcos before his soul decayed.

When Sanko arrived, she helped Lawrence and Parson to defeat the Rainlords before taking Lawrence into custody for questioning. After their plane was attacked, his fate is unknown.

Power Edit

Lawrence is about 80 years old as a servant and extremely powerful. His ability to materialize radium allows him to create barriers, projectiles and platforms like any other servant, while at the same time offering a dangerous ability to create soul-empowered radiation as his metal decays, causing serious harm to both reapers and servants. He has considerable range, available mass, and creation speed on par with other materializer his age.

In Pan-Rozum, he can turn his own body into a radium statue and use the full brunt of his soul power to pump out huge amounts of heavily soul-empowered radiation, threatening to kill anything that spends too long too near him.