"Even anarchy would be preferable to monarchy."
Luther Lumenbel is a prince of Atreya and a brother of Helen Belgrant, one of seven.

Description Edit

Luther is not as fat as David, but is not thin either. He wears spectacles and has an unreadable face. Like most of his brothers, he usually wears immaculate suits.

Personality Edit

Luther is a quiet and dangerously intelligent man who prefers to lead his brothers to do his dirty work. He was once a kind and loving man, but seems to have become cold and heartless since he found out about his father's betrayal.

History Edit

When he was young, long before the events of the narrative, Luther was in love with a commoner woman named Rita Zannis. When his father found out, he decided that he could not allow someone who could serve as so valuable an ally to Prince Gabriel as Luther to leave. To prevent him from marrying, and possibly giving up his title and leaving the country when he did, Luther's father told Rita that if she did not break up with Luther and pretend it was for personal reasons, he would have her loved ones killed. Terrified, she did as he told her to. Year later, when he was on his deathbed trying desperately to fix his mistakes, he confessed that he had done so to Luther. When Luther tracked down Rita and had her confirm his father's claim, he was outraged and decided that he could not allow the power of the crown to ruin any more lives and would destroy the institution at the earliest opportunity.

That opportunity came later when Helen ascended the throne and he decided to attempt to have her assassinated. He then brought in members of Abolish to cause chaos, hoping that he could pin everything that went wrong on his brothers. He did not plan out the next step, although when he realized that David seemed disgusted with his brothers, he offered him the chance to help design the system that would succeed the monarchy, knowing that David was not ambitious enough to make a power grab of the opportunity. Before Abolish was driven from Atreya at the Battle of Rathmore's Gate, he gave the entire value of the Atreyan treasury to Desmond Grantier and replaced it with borrowed funds from a number of other countries including Intar, Horsht, Korgum and Dozer, ensuring that a number of foreign powers would become vengeful when the realized that Atreya could not pay what it owed and that it had dealt with each of their enemies.