"You are one of the few people in this castle whom I believe I can trust"
Helen Belgrant, Queen of Atreya
Lynnette is one of Queen Helen's personal guard.

Description Edit

While Lynnette is only nineteen, but with "sharp eyes and high cheek bones [that] made her look older". She has caramel brown skin and wavy black hair done in a ponytail.

She wears a white uniform, an eyepatch and her aberration gauntlet (which could only be removed by cutting off her hand) everywhere she goes. She also carries a sword on her person most of the time.

Personality Edit

Lynnette is generally very serious and humorless. She is also honorable, loyal and courageous. While her fairly casual relationship with Queen Helen and Hector has made her more personable, she is still fairly straightlaced. She seems to have something more of a humorous side when she is around close friends, such as Hector, Roman, Helen and her family.

She respects Hector as a valuable ally to help her protect Queen Helen, but her opinions of him beyond that are presently unknown. In particular, she has not stated whether or not she has any romantic interest in him or anyone else for that matter. She seemed offended by Helen's joking about setting them up as a couple, but how that reflects on her actual feelings is currently a subject purely for speculation.

History Edit

Lynnette was selected by Queen Helen to spy on her brothers and listen to rumors in hopes of figuring out which of her brothers had planned the assassination attempt against her. Shortly after, she gets her first taste of servant fights when Desmond tries to threaten and then kill the Queen. She later gained an aberration bone gauntlet, giving her a power of her own.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Lynette was originally merely an extremely well trained human. She possessed incredible agility and swordsmanship that allowed her to participate in Servant fights. However she was still limited by her physical capabilities. This changed when she got an Aberration Bone gauntlet.

Aberration Bone Gauntlet Edit

After a failed attempt to convince the Vanguard to help Atreya, Lynnette and Roman Fullister stole a gauntlet made from the bones of an aberration. The specific aberration had the power of Incineration, igniting objects with flames that cannot be put out, although she has not yet learned how to use it and refuses to consume souls for more power even once she does. Nevertheless, her gauntlet has a very strong shadow, described as being much stronger than Geoffrey's was when he died. She has taken on multiple Abolish servants at once, all about five years old and held her own, although her lack of reaper-sight made her unable to kill any of them.