Marshrock is a stronghold controlled by House Blackburn.

History Edit

At an unknown point in time, a single massive stone was brought to the town of Luzo by the Armans. Once there, rooms and hallways were tunneled through it, creating what amounts to a castle formed of living rock. This means that its name is literally true, as it is a rock in the marshes. It was then permanently soul strengthened, allowing it to withstand both weathering and attacks more or less intact. Considering the Rainlords' famous connection to the Armans it was likely held continuously by Rainlords since its creation.

Attack Edit

Main article:Siege of Marshrock

After Melchor took the children of House Elroy prisoner, it was attacked by the combined forces of House Sebolt and House Delaguna, along with Hector Goffe and Asad, Jada and Imas Najir. The battle ended in a surrender when the Blackburns realized that the other Rainlords would be willing to spare them, including Ibai, rather than executing all of the reapers and servants as they expected. During the fighting the castle sustained at least a little bit of damage, due to Dimas attacking the outside walls and Asad being teleported into a wall and surviving. However, the full extent of the damage is unknown.

Current Possession Edit

Following their defeat in the Siege of Rheinhal, all of the Rainlords who were not taken captive by Sanko fled the country when offered shelter in Dunehall by Asad. It can be presumed that either Sanko's forces took control of the castle along with the rest of the Rainlord territory, or that it is currently empty.