Mass states are a number of variables that servants with mass abilities (materialization and transfiguration) along with servants using certain Pan-Rozum abilities can use.

States Edit

There are several different states that can be manipulated. They include position, velocity and temperature. Position may not be possible to control with a transfiguration ability, although velocity can me affected albeit by a servant higher level than would be needed to manipulate position in a materialization power. Due to the reduced distractions from position and velocity, most transfiguration users find temperature much easier to manipulate, as evidenced by Stoker's ability to create liquid hydrogen despite his relative youth.

Additional Controls Edit

As well as setting states, mass users can also do several other things to manipulate their element. These include materialization users annihilating their material, transfiguration users influencing the chemical behavior of their element especially with regards to how it reacts with their own body, either type soul strengthening their creations, and users of Pan-Forma causing their creations to regenerate.

Limitations Edit

Mass states are hard to use and require considerable practice, except for position for materializers. Except possibly position for transfiguration users, and state can be used by any mass user, but transfiguration users have a harder time with velocity while materialization users have a harder time with temperature.

Also, the states cannot be set and reset at will, they can only be set when the mass is created either from nothing or from the user's body mass. This means that while a materializer can create a projectile with forward momentum, they could not truly redirect its course. However, this can be gotten around by annihilating the original projectile and simply creating a new one, or replacing some of its mass such that it shifts the overall object's direction.

Use Outside of Mass Powers Edit

In addition to the actual users of materialization and transfiguration, users of Pan-Rozum with integration and possibly also mutation can also make use of mass states. This is confirmed to be how Sanko is able to move and attack after integrating with the ground, and may be how Gohvis is able to teleport. However, this is challenging as the servant must learn how to control mass states while only being able to practice in Pan-Rozum. This delays the start of any training, and limits the time that can be spent training until the servant is sufficiently old to use Pan-Rozum continuously without ill effects.