...They couldn’t give him a blood transfusion in time. He’s dead.’ He exhaled and shut his eyes. ‘Melissa’s a wreck.’ 

- Garovel speaking to Hector about Officer Mallory

Melissa Mallory was the daughter of Officer Mallory

Description Edit

Melissa looks a few years older than hector though is still quite short. She has brown hair, a ponytail in a braid and wears a green shirt with a cute dog on it, blue pants and white sneakers.

History Edit

Melissa Mallory was a character revealed during Hectors attempt at rescuing her father (Officer Mallory) from a Hit placed on him by the Rofal Syndicate. Hector subdued every assailant, but not before Officer Mallory suffered a gun shot wound to the side. Melissa was taken to hospital while her father underwent surgery and subsequently died on the operating table before he could receive a blood transfusion. The Rofal family Henchmen walked into Melissa's hospital room minutes later as Officer Colt gunned down three other officers that were guarding her. Hector tried to stop Colt but was unsuccessful as the crooked cop managed to lodge a knife in his brain. Hector woke an hour later to find Melissa's corpse with a gunshot wound to the head.

Later during Geoffrey's character introduction it is revealed that he had take Melissa's corpse and cut of it's hands for souvenirs, offering one to Colt which was vehemently refused.

It is stated by Melissa that her mother died 9 years previous to the beginning of the storyline, the cause is unknown.