"The key difference, he had always found, between the Morgunovs and the Dozers, was that the Morgunovs knew how to have a good time, while the Dozers were a bunch of uptight, joyless shitbags."
Desmond Grantier, inner monologue
Morgunov Abolish is one of the two unofficial factions following the Abolish religion. While most members pay lip service to the ideals and theology of Abolish, they generally tend to kill for the sake of their own amusement rather than because of their devotion to the Void.

Morgunov Edit

Morgunov is the leader of Morgunov Abolish, and is the faction's unofficial namesake. He has been described as brilliant but insane, and he seems to lead the erratic servants and reapers under him with little trouble. Little else is known about him.

Members Edit

Name: Status:
Morgunov Alive
Ivan Captured
Jercash Alive
Vanderberk Alive
Caster Alive
Arnold Unknown
Reever Unknown
Vladimir Deceased
Desmond Alive
Moss Deceased
Nola Pauls Deceased
Andres Geth Deceased
Hanjir Deceased
Conall Deceased
Tessa Deceased

Relationship with Dozer Abolish Edit

The Morgunov and Dozer factions each view the other with general contempt, but understand that the support that they offer each other, grudging as it is, allows them both to survive. Morgunovs generally view Dozers as straitlaced and over-serious killjoys, while the Dozers view the Morgunovs as unreliable, unfaithful, erratic buffoons. While the Dozer faction is considered supreme, it limits its interaction with Morgunov Abolish to occasionally sending envoys to keep track of their agents, which both parties seem to resent.