Nola Pauls was a member of Morgunov Abolish who was sent to take control of Atreya along with Desmond Grantier and a number of other servants.

Description Edit

Nola is described as tall and redheaded.

Personality Edit

Nola is casually sadistic and enjoys killing simply for amusement. She also seems to enjoy irritating others. She took special interest in Prince David, although the exact nature of their relationship was slightly ambiguous. She would jokingly rub his large belly and claim that doing so would grant her wishes, and on one occasion she killed someone just to show him their head.

Despite integration being generally considered to be useless in combat, she insists on fighting personally anyway due to boredom.

History Edit

Though the specific sect of Abolish that she joined was never specified, the only requirement to enter was to kill someone the initiate did not formerly know while three other members bear witness, which Nola presumably did.

She was sent to Atreya to create a soul net, which she did before becoming bored. She was something of a nuisance until the plan to start a short war with Rendon was put into effect. She was excited at the chance to destroy a few villages and happily participated in the fighting when their group was ambushed at Rathmore's Gate. She managed to cripple Harper by fusing one of his legs with the ground, but was then killed along with a number of other servants when Harper entered Pan-Rozum.