He doesn’t get along with his partner or any of his fellow officers here. Everyone seems to think he’s an asshole.’ - Garovel

History Edit

Officer Mallory was a short lived character, after witnessing the murder of a 10 year old child by Geoffrey, Mallory was called on to be a key witness in the court case. Unfortunately he was gunned down in his home during a rescue attempt by Hector after five men broke into his house ( two through the front door and three through the back). shots were fired between Mallory and the men from the Rofal Syndicate before Hector finally subdued all intruders, only to find Mallory bleeding with a gunshot wound to his side and slowly dying.

It is later revealed that Mallory's daughter, Melissa Mallory was upstairs at the time of the shooting. Melissa was subsequently taken to hospital where her father died on the operating table, before he could receive a blood transfusion. Melissa and three other police officers were later killed by Colt, a dirty cop hired by the Rofal family to silence any witnesses to Officer Mallory's death. Hector found Melissa's body with a gun shot wound to the head.