Pan-Rozum is a hyperstate.

Availability Edit

Unlike the other hyperstates, Pan-Rozum can be used by any servant with any ability. However, Pan-Rozum is also by far the hardest of the four hyperstates to use, and has been shown to tire and risk the control even of servants over 100 years old.

Enhancements Edit

Pan-Rozum grants a servant's power aspects of several of the other powers, granting them a variety of abilities that they could not use normally. For example, many powers can use integration and transfiguration to give their bodies aspects of their natural power while still retaining their ability to think and use their power normally. This can make certain kinds of servant extremely difficult to kill, since they can change their bodies into something like light, gas or liquid metal that cannot be conventionally wounded. However, even if a servant's body is indestructible their reaper can still be located and torn out, causing the servant to drop out of hyperstate.

Trivia Edit

  • In Pan-Rozum, Materialization and Transfiguration powers are functionally interchangable, since each gains access to the other.
  • Pan-Rozum is Polish for "Master Mind".