Map of Sair

Sair is a nation near the middle of Eloa, and the only single country that contains both Rainlords and Sandlords.

Geography Edit

The Southeast part of Sair is mostly desert. It is mainly in the rain shadow of the Waress Mountains, and as a result gets almost zero rainfall. This area is controlled by the Sandlords.

Contrasted with it, the Northwestern part of Sair is on the windward side of the Waress Mountains, and has incredibly high rainfall, described as being a heavy rain almost 24/7. This area is controlled by the Rainlords.

Neighbors Edit

Sair is bordered by the nations of Intar, Calthos and Callum. Little is known about Calthos and Callum, but Intar is described as being an extremely warlike and unstable country. Calthos is also likely the home of the Marauder of Calthos, judging by his name.

The Rainlords maintain heavy patrols along the borders with Intar and Calthos, although it has not been revealed whether the Sandlords do the same.

History Edit

Sair was the original location where the Armans were able to hold back the invading Lyzakks through dozens of attempted attacks. The Armans mainly fought by leaving dangerous booby-traps everywhere, most famously secret dams designed to ruptured at a moment's notice when Lyzakk troops tried to camp or cross in the large dry areas that they left.