Juliana Salazar was a former general of the Vanguard and current member of the Vagrant Lords.

Description Edit

Juliana's most striking feature is her rainbow colored hair and her heterochromatic eyes. Deeply brown on the left and hazel on the right.

Personality Edit

Juliana is a silly and light-hearted woman. Juliana often comes of as someone not very serious but she is still very driven. Although Mariana considers her a coward for running away from Gohvis she seems to be brave enough to betray the Vanguard for the Vahgrakaanas.

History Edit

Years ago when Mariana was under Juliana's command they were sent to Vaeland to help ensure that slavery was abolished. When Juliana got word about Gohvis bearing down on them she retreated taking her team along with her and allowing Abolish to take root in the country.

Later Juliana and her reaper Armengél approached Zeff and Mariana to offer them to join the Vaghrakaanas. They refused but did not attack her due to being in a unfavorable position. Around this time Juliana quit the Vanguard and took several important items with her. Later she went to Steccat to talk with Sai-hee. Though they had not accepted her offer, Parson was able to gain photographs of Zeff and Mariana talking to Salazar and use them to call their loyalty into question with Sanko.

Considering that the Rainlords left the Vanguard following Parson's betrayal, Some of them may join the Vagrant Lords, as Salazar specifically told them that her offer was not a one-time chance and that they would be welcome if they changed their minds.

Powers Edit

Although she has not been seen in a fight she is presumably very strong as she was a general in the Vanguard.