"Don’t feel bad, oaf. I’m sure Axiolis would have gone to you right away if he needed any big rocks turned into small rocks."
Salvador is a powerful Rainlord and the head of the Delaguna family.

Description Edit

Physically, Salvador is a towering brute of a man. He stands a head above most of the other Rainlords and is described as having the bulk of two men.

Personality Edit

Salvador is brash and aggressive, and can act without thinking especially when angry. Unfortunately, Mevox has similar tendencies and as a result is not as much of a moderating factor on Salvador as most reapers are on their servants. Like most Rainlords, he is loyal, steadfast and honorable, and never backs down when he believes himself to be in the right.

He and Asad seem not to particularly care for each other, but he was ultimately grateful for Asad's help in dealing with the Vanguard.

History Edit

Like most of the Rainlords of Sair, he was present when Mariana gave her story about her attempted kidnapping and the death of her son Marcos. He was outraged at the news, and pushed to demand an apology and the return of Zeff and Cisco, but he was overruled. He later appeared during several important battles during Parson's attack on the Rainlords, including the Siege of Marshrock and the Siege of Rheinhal.

Power Edit

Salvador's power is useful primarily in close combat, where he can use molten cobalt to attack his foes.