Teleportation is an aberration ability.

Effect and Growth Edit

Teleportation allows an aberration to teleport a set distance, carrying with them anything that they have enveloped completely in their shadow. For a moment as they teleport, an aberration and any other beings brought with them can see the void and the souls of anyone nearby before returning to the normal world. This allows a user to avoid teleporting into any other living beings, although they seem to need to use their existing knowledge of an area's layout to navigate. As a user grows, they will be able to carry more in their growing shadow, and will also be able to travel further in a single jump.

Feeding Mechanism Edit

Unusually for an aberration power, it is possible for a Teleporter to use their power on humans, servants and reapers without causing harm if they wish to. Only by killing someone using their shadow and then teleporting before the soul completely dissipates will an aberration consume a soul.

Known Users Edit