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Information about the lore, characters, story, world and magic systems of The Zombie Knight Saga by George Frost.

Be warned, there may be spoilers up to the current page, so stay caught up or read at your own peril. However, there will be no spoilers past the current page because to the best of our knowledge nobody editing this wiki can see the future.


The Zombie Knight Saga is a modern fantasy webnovel by George Frost. It is set on the constructed world of Eleg and follows the life of Hector Goffe, a human who committed suicide and was given the chance to return and help people as the Servant of a reaper known as Garovel.

Over the course of the story, he meets many fellow Servants and reapers, some with good intentions and others without. He always does his best to protect others, even though doing so often puts him in danger and he doesn't always know what is going on.

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