Timothy Swank, also known as "ponytail", is an high-ranking thug who worked for the Rofal Syndicate.

Description Edit

Swank was not described beyond having a long ponytail. After his encounters with Hector, he also picked up a number of serious bruises and lost several teeth.

Personality Edit

Swank was loyal to Joseph Rofal, and after his death was forced to work for Geoffrey on pain of death. He is fairly confident when dealing with other humans, but is easily spooked by supernatural creatures like servants and aberrations.

History Edit

Hector beat him up both of the two times that they met. The first was when he tried to protect Officer Mallory, who was killed but left an injured Swank the only survivor from his team. The second was when Hector decided to steal money from his drug business and went through forty thugs to do it. After Geoffrey Rofal took control of the syndicate, Swank directed a man who was looking for Geoffrey to him, mainly because he disliked the man and wanted Geoffrey to torture him.