Traitor Servants are Servants who have betrayed their reapers and left to pursue their own ends.

Viability Edit

Becoming a traitor servant is very difficult. It requires a servant to reach a sufficient age to permanently soul-strengthen objects, then trap their reaper in a soul-strengthened hermetically sealed container. At this point, the servant is free to do what they want, although they will lack several key advantages of a normal servant, such as regeneration, vigor and hyperstates. These disadvantages are similar to those of a Servant leaving their reaper behind to protect it.

Problems Edit

As well as not having the advantages a willing reaper provides their servant, there are also several other disadvantages. If the reaper sees an opportunity, they may convince someone else to help them escape their prison, or use their telepathic link to distract the traitor at a key moment. Also, if a traitor servant is killed, their reaper will be free to release them, which will also free them from their soul-empowered prison unless it was created by another servant. In order to prevent a reaper from distracting their servant, they may keep them injured severely enough to keep them from speaking, but this requires caution because if the servant touches their reaper or kills it they will die.

Known Traitor Servants Edit

Garovel mentioned having a traitor servant who imprisoned him after being reprimanded for stealing from innocents supposedly in the name of providing for Vanguard but in practice for his own use. He would injure Garovel to the point of his being unable to speak any time his telepathic voice became annoying or distracting, and was careful to avoid dying and being released. Eventually, Garovel convinced him that there was a substantial amount of gold to steal from an Abolish stronghold, tempting him to attack it and die.