The Valgan Empire was an empire formed by the Lyzakks. It controlled most of Southeastern Eloa for almost two millennia.

Language Edit

The original empire spoke Valgan. While the language does not seem to have endured to the same degree as Mohssian, it is still the most common single language to be spoken in the former empire.

Culture Edit

Little is presently known about mainstream Valgan culture in the present day. The areas controlled by the Sandlords seem to be somewhat modeled after the culture of the real-world Middle East.

Founding Edit

The Lyzakks who eventually founded the Valgan Empire originally hailed from Exoltha, before the continent was rendered uninhabitable. They were a brutal conquering force bent on taking over the entire continent. Their advance, however, was halted by the formerly peaceful Armans. The Armans repelled Lyzakk advances dozens of times with their endless courage and guerrilla tactics and offered military support to anyone who the Lyzakks tried to attack, eventually forcing them to abandon their efforts. The Armans and their allies eventually formed into the Mohssian Empire, and the Lyzakks and the people they conquered formed the Valgan Empire.