""...I still love you. I don’t know why. You’re a terrible mother. But I’m realizing... that I don’t give a shit, anymore. I’m going to protect you, whether you want me to or not.”"
Hector Goffe

Vanessa Goffe is a minor character in The Zombie Knight Saga. She is the mother of the protagonist - Hector Goffe.

Personality Edit

We mostly see Vanessa while she is in mourning over the loss of her husband - the only person she loved. During this mourning period she is rude towards everyone and vicious towards her son, who she blames for her husband's death. She isolates herself, avoids engaging others in conversations, and is generally de-motivated.

This is very different from how she acts when her husband is still alive. Though we only see her a few times before his death she is depicted as being more outgoing, happy, and a loving wife. We often see her spending time with her husband and ignoring her son. After he dies she starts to spend all her time alone.

Relationships Edit

Due to her withdrawn personality, she hasn't formed any significant relationships or connections with any other characters since the start of the story.

Hector Goffe Edit

Mrs. Goffe was always distant to her son, and when he asks she admits that she never felt any of the love towards Hector she knew a mother should. Now she also blames him for the death of her husband Samuel, claiming (not entirely unfairly) that Hector's actions made people willing to kill his family, and that he failed to be cautious or skilled enough to keep them safe. However, she also recognizes that Hector is quite literally all she has left.

Samuel Goffe Edit

Vanessa's husband, who she loved very much. His death broke her. Combined with the loss of her job and friends due to her connection to the then-notorious Darksteel Soldier, she was left completely adrift.