The Vanguard is a peace keeping servant force in direct opposition of Abolish. They are dedicated to fighting threats to Eleg or its people. These tendencies have put them in direct conflict with Abolish. The Vanguard is lead by Sermung and his reaper Tenebrach.

Ranks Edit

The soldiers of the Vanguard are ranked similar but not exactly like real life military. These ranks as we know them in order of command from greatest to least are...

  • High Commander
  • Field/Air Marshals
  • Captain General
  • General
  • Lieutenant General
  • Regional Captain
  • Captain

Members Edit

Vanguard has about 50,000 Servants today, including all of Hahls Dagher, Haayen, Kattan, and Mateen. Known Servants (their reapers can be found from the servant pages):

Name: Rank: Status:
Sermung High Commander Alive
Jackson Field Marshal Alive
Sanko Field Marshal Alive
Kane Field Marshal Alive
Lamont Air Marshal Alive
Artemis Field Marshal Deceased
Kent Field Marshal Deceased
Carson Unknown Alive
Grant Field Marshal Alive
Graves Unknown Alive
Parson Miles Captain General Alive
Xavier Lawrence General Alive
Juliana Salazar General Defected
Harper Norez Lieutenant General Alive
Bartholomew Erickson Regional Captain Alive
Zeff Elroy Captain Defected
Mariana Elroy Captain Deceased
Dunstan Rofal Unknown Captured
Adam Leroy Unknown Alive
Charlie Day Unknown Alive
Jonathan Flint Unknown Alive
Louis Ferrage Unknown Alive
Randall Pierce Unknown Alive
Oscar Murray Unknown Alive
Davin Echer Unknown Alive

Purpose Edit

The purpose of the Vanguard is to protect the world. To this end the Vanguard combat the more unsavory servants and aberrations who wish to cause harm. Their main source of conflict is with Abolish.

Controversy Edit

Main article: Traitor Vanguard

By some opinions, Vanguard is not functioning well under Sermung's leadership. A sub-faction seemingly led by Lamont but actually led by Parson Miles is trying to dismantle the organization from the inside while leaving as many of the individual servants as possible alive to continue fighting. Unfortunately, this is dividing the forces opposing Abolish since Vanguard no longer allows resignation, forcing individuals to fight against them in order to leave.

Aberration Hunters Edit

Main Article: Aberration hunters

The Vanguard has a special task force dedicated to killing aberrations. Not much is known about them other than that they are renowned for their strength.

Vanguard Families Edit

There are many servant families out there who have everyone in their family join the Vanguard. These families raise their children so they will be prepared for battle and give them reapers at a set age which is nowadays 14 but used to be lower. They are inducted in to the Vanguard when they are as young as 16 and are assigned to their parent's division and are only able to transfer out after 4 years. The main examples of these type of families are the Rainlords and Sandlords. Although not all of them ally with the Vanguard there is still a substantial number that do, in particular, all of Houses Elroy, Cortes, Sebolt, Stroud, and Zabat. However, after Parson's attack on the Rainlords, Rainlords have split from the Vanguard.