"Twenty years ago, we hardly had five thousand active servants, but now we have ten times that. In the past year alone, we’ve gained over three thousand new recruits"
Juliana Salazar
The Vanguard has gained vast numbers more recruits in the last two decades than they had for their entire history preceding them.

Causes Edit

The main cause of Vanguard's influx of new members is Abolish's creation of aberrations in likely violation of the Old Law. The source of reapers to be used is unknown but due the fact that a reaper with a servant cannot be used the most likely sources are either Abolish fanatics or neutral parties. Furthermore, aberrations are extremely undisciplined to an even greater degree than Morgunovs, leading many of them to attack neutral reapers in a large number of failures of discipline.

This led to reapers who had previously reaped souls in peace beginning to fear for their safety. Many of these reapers took on servants and then joined the most obvious opposition force against Abolish, namely Vanguard.

Problems Edit

While the vast increases in the size of Vanguard's ranks seem at first glance to be a very good thing, they are also the cause of several problems. Due to the difficulty of vetting new recruits, the Vanguard generally relied on word of mouth and being able to take some time to watch any new member before trusting them with sensitive information. However, with the huge numbers of new servants joining the organization it is becoming hard for them to maintain this policy. As a result, there may be a considerable number of traitors within the ranks. At the same time, eccentrics, troublemakers and other servants that "thrive on chaos [and] make it worse", who required a lot of attention to keep under control have began to slip the leash and cause problems within the organization.

Also, many of the new reapers are taking on servants for the first time and resultingly require a lot of help, training and guidance. This means that the Vanguard's already poorly-designed training systems have become increasingly overtaxed beyond their ability to function. The trainees provided by this tremendous effort are not particularly valuable yet because they have not been around long enough to become reasonably powerful, making them unable to substantially help with the problems that they are creating within the Vanguard's infrastructure.

Because of these problems, small groups have begun to break away from the Vanguard's leadership, notably including the Traitor Vanguard and the Vagrant Lords.