"She wants to make the world a better place. And not just in a good-deed-for-the-day kind of way. She wants me to obtain so much strength and influence that I can at least try to fix some of the really fucked up things in the world. Like slavery and widespread famine and institutionalized poverty--y’know, the things that no one’s been able to fix in centuries."
Voreese is Roman's reaper and a friend of Hector.

Personality Edit

Voreese is extremely sarcastic and obnoxious, but ultimately good-intentioned. She constantly trades insults with Roman but speaks of him with respect and pride when he is out of earshot. Her personality seems to have actually allowed her to speak more loudly and obnoxiously, which she used to good effect when when taunting Hanjir.

Behind her rough personality lies a desire to change the world. Voreese's goal is to become an emperor with Roman. She believes that through this she could truly make the world a better place on a grand scale rather than just doing minor good deeds.

History Edit

When Queen Helen was assassinated by her brothers, Roman and Voreese were sent to find those responsible and deflect suspicion from the criminal element in Atreya. He encountered Desmond and Moss attempting to kill Helen and helped her to escape.

Long before the events of the story, Voreese had a previous servant named Stasya Orlov. She was considered by some to be the greatest Integrator of all time, and created the nigh-indestructible and regenerating castle of Warrenhold, which Hector is now lord of. She originally intended it to be a trade center between the surface and the Undercrust, but due mainly to sexism she never gained the respect to make her creation well-known.