"I’ve never had the honor--no, the pleasure--of meeting House Blackburn in real battle. And seeing as you’ve refused every chance at clemency, I hope... I hope you won’t disappoint me. I haven’t had any good mayhem in a while, and I hate when my opponents die too quickly."
Xuan Sebolt was a powerful Rainlord, one of the oldest in Sair.

Description Edit

Xuan was short and generally unimposing, and had large sea green eyes and an easy smile. He seemed jolly and harmless in his demeanor, and he bobbed from side to side as he walked, almost as though he was listening to music only he could hear.

Personality Edit

Xuan generally behaved with friendly and relaxed equanimity. However, he would become fiercely cheerful when the opportunity to fight looms. He believed that diplomacy is entirely secondary to combat and that the only way to protect people from Abolish is to destroy it.

History Edit

Xuan spent a long time as a diplomat and on several occasions was able to help prevent bloody wars, but he became disillusioned when on the eve of one of his greatest successes he heard of the Battle of Lac'Vayce and the massive death toll that went along with it.

He was present during the Battle of Marshrock where he was considered to be the opposite number to Melchor Blackburn. He fled with Asad and a number of other Rainlords to Dunehall following the battle. He was later killed during the Battle of Dunehall by Ivan, after he desperately attacked the Salesman.

Power Edit

Xuan's abilities with normal transfiguration were not extensively discussed. Using Pan-Rozum he was able to take the form of a cloud of smoke. In this form, he was immune to destruction and most other attacks, and could only be removed from hyperstate by a very precise physical attack or simply waiting until he became too weak to maintain it. Despite being 106 years old as a servant, he could only remain in Pan-Rozum for a moderate length of time and doing so left him exhausted for several days.