Zeff is the current head of House Elroy.

Description Edit

Zeff possesses common Elroy traits such as Black hair and gray eyes. He has bushy eyebrows, a harsh jawline and harsh cheekbones. All this helps to give Zeff a stern appearance.

Personality Edit

Zeff is unshakably honorable and strong-willed. He is also foolishly stubborn at times, refusing to even symbolically give ground on what he considers to be matters of honor. He considers treatment of family and loved ones to be a matter of personal honor and well as love, and backs this up with strict insistence that his children treat each other with respect and fanatical desire to protect them. He is at his most fearsome when his children or other loved ones are in danger.

After the attack on his family his personality took a darker shift causing his view of reapers to change from bats to water dragons.

Despite breaking both sides' taboos in doing so, he made friends with the Sandlord Asad Najir.

History Edit

Zeff was one of only three survivors of the Elroy Massacre, the other two being his reaper Axiolis and Joana Elroy, who married into the Cortes family. He served the Vanguard loyally for about thirty years before leaving them along with all of the other Vanguard Rainlords following Parson's actions.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Zeff has the rare and versatile Divine power of Water Materialization. In combat he uses a number of tactics involving all three phases of matter. He can do more or less anything that a classic solid materializer can, such as using projectiles, moving with platforms and restricting enemy mobility, but these are not the limit of his repertoire. He can also create water drills that will constantly recreate themselves to keep boring through tough materials, create explosions of water, and even use Pan-Forma to create cannons made of ice that can regenerate their projectiles to fire repeatedly without personal attention.

It is implied that Zeff either has a reduced threshold for emergence or a personality that is highly conducive to it. During the final confrontation with Parson he achieved emergence three times during a single fight (the third deliberately provoked by Parson) and did not seem to be surprised by this despite the fact that conventional wisdom holds that it is impossible to plan on having emergence.